Coolest Site

I was just wondering what people’s favorite site is, the one you think is the coolest.

I personally like and obviously 2A.

What about everyone else?


i thought i just said that? hmm must not of hit reply lol
well thats mine!

welll, i would say i have 2:

my own site


awesome site ahmed, and maxtrosity, could you give us the link to your site?

max’s is :slight_smile:

isnt the layout on FI just great?

FI?..ahmed designed my layout…he’s a genious…:slight_smile:

haha… xxviii made contributed a lot too :slight_smile:

crap…forgot…28, ur a genius too…:)…

cool site, im kinda dumb… forgot the ‘website’ link :crazy:

thanks…all thanks to ahmed :stuck_out_tongue:

flasherjaz: I think SOMEONE has been visiting xeofreestyle one to many times :wink:

click my footer for a really, really cool site…

cool portfolio…:slight_smile:

Matt your site is just amazing!

i like the transitions…

It’s unique, and very nice. :slight_smile: