Copy and paste partion of a .wav sound file

Hi! All,\rI put a .wav sound file in a movie (movieA). The total frame, say 100 frames. I now selected frame 10 to 30, right click the selected frames and click “Copy Frames”. I then open a new movie (movie B), right click the first frame and click “Paste Frames”. But I found that the movieB copied the whole frames as those in the movieA. May be there is an aternative way to copy and paste partion of a .wav file. Anybody can teach me. Thanks in advance.\rJames\r

I don’t think its possible to just cut a wav file like that, using flash. If you have an editor like Cool Edit 2000 or Sound Forge 5 you can. I think both have demos you can download…

yes, unlike Director, which comes with Sound Edit/ Forge, you can’t edit wavs with Flash alone, you’ll need an externat software to cut parts out of your wavs and then import them into Flash!

Thank you both I am not Jubba and eyeberg. Your information shows me that I need to change direction to solve my question. To simply it, I may edit the audio outside, i.e. in the tape recorder (I don’t have expensive digital recorder) and use digital camera to record the voice and then import to flash. Thank you again for your information.\rJames

You need use hardware for the processing of your soundfiles, just get all the sound into your PC, and then use a program like the above or this\rif you do a search on Google, there’s millions of sound editing software on the net, some even freeware!