How to cut a song to small parts and use it in flash 5?

i have difficulty using winamp to cut the .wav files because i can’t really specify the second i want to start and end the songs. can we do that in flash? or is there any other software that can cut/edit songs nicely?


Not in Flash.
Use SoundForge, Goldwave, CoolEdit or do a general search on Google for “sound editors”.

There are many softwares out there. CoolEdit2000 is one, SoundForge 5 is another. Personally I use CoolEdit. you can select up to the nanosecond you want the sound to start and end. I haven’t used SoundForge though. If you want the e-mail me sometime before tomorrow, and Ill set you up with it.

thats supposed to say if you want the demo e-mail me before tomorrow. [email protected]

lol !
YOU WILL BE BANNED, Jubba (the hut)!

lol, actually…there is a demo, and I have experienced trouble downloading it from time to time. So i figured it would be faster if I sent it to him. but whatever, you can also find the demo thru any Lycos or Google search. I like cool edit, it works for me.

bah! I lied, I can’t send you anything. I forgot that I recently reformatted my harddrive. If you want CoolEdit do a google search for CoolEdit and then get the trial version.

Steinberg’s Wavelab works very nicely for edit wav files. CoolEdit works well to. =)