Coronavirus Tracker Dashboard!

As dashboards go, this is a really nice one:

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I guess “Others” means Yokohama ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Edit: I just noticed the entire “Others” category set of data points is just the Diamond Princess cruise ship which was, in fact, in Yokohama :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just a screenshot a week after the first post

This GIS tool has given me the exact layout I’ve been envisioning for another project, so that’s a plus.

On the downside related directly to this map, the shopping mall right next to where I work had an evacuee visit who was released prematurely who had a third test show a “weak positive”.

Another week later. Italy has really taken a hit. Though China seems to be leveling out?

This one made by a high school kid is pretty nice also.

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If this were a movie it would always end with everyone escaping to a colony of survivors north in vermont or maine. According to the stats, thats not looking like a bad idea.

Also, im not feeling great about these boxes of motors, relays and power supplies that i just opened from factories in china. Mailing product seems like a very plausible way to get it

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Heard something somewhere that it can actually survive without a host on inorganic surfaces for 7 to 10 days.

Not sure how true it is, but something to consider.

I hear Antarctica is nice this time of year.

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glacierific was ahead of his time

This is like World War Z! Are those of you who normally work in an office now working from home?

I’ve chosen to stay home unless the situation demands I be there (hardware failure).

While I normally work at home (remote) our org has asked everyone else (based in SF and Seattle) to work at home too. We’re pretty much all software engineers and PMs so its not a hard sell.

Are you talking about glosrfc?

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I was, i did the best spelling my memory could do. How are you getting the icon that shows who you’re relying to?

Press this button to reply:

Though it won’t show if your reply is directly below the person you’re replying to.

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At least I thought that’s what it was. Maybe it doesn’t show if the replied-to post is the last one?

Ah yes thats what confused me.

Time to send another email @kirupa