Corporate Blog Layout Critique

Hello all, I’m hoping I can get some opinions on a blog site I’m in the process of designing. It’s for; I mention this because the design needs to be somewhat in theme with that site. Here are first 3 mock ups I came up with, or rather, 1 layout with the 3 various pages:

I also made another slightly varied version, with a different logo and the white bg being square instead of having rounded corners:

I’m think I like the general feel of it, but wanted to get some critiques. I’m not sure about the logo, the white bg, or whether it’s ‘legit’ enough for the blog world, since this is for farily significant corporation and not just joe blow.

Any / all feedback is welcome.

Also, once I designed the ■■■■ thing I got the nagging feeling that it just looked too familiar and that I may have unconsciously taken a design from another site. Everyone I"ve asked thus far has said I’m nuts, and they’re probably right, but if anyone can think of any similarities to any existing sites, Please let me know. (Maybe the fact that it looks familiar is a good thing? No idea. )

Thanks in advance!