Cos, sin

I would really appreciate if someone could help me, I was thinkin of makin movie with a line on it, and with the cos and sin properties, to change its shape…the thing is I dont know where to start, I woul really appreciate if someone could heplme…

could you be more specific on what type of effect you are trying to make.

apparently, there’s no way to change a line in itself. there have been ways out there where people simply took a bunch of lines and made them rotated almost perfectly so that from a far, it looks like a curve that can be shifted and stuff. i forgot where i found this but whence i find it again, i’ll let you know.

That surprises me. Shouldn’t have been too tough to include that in Flash.

I saw that effect used in but it was done using arrays and multiple lines. i dont think its possible to make the effect you want using one line.