Count XML items (after pushed to array)

Hello guys!
I’m trying to figure out how to find the exact location of an XML item after I pushed it to an array…
I’m using this to find the item with the “fotoNR” number:

currentPic = "1111";
for (var i:Number = 0; i<numimages; i++) {
 fotoNR = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[0].firstChild.nodeValue;
 data = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[1].firstChild.nodeValue;
 categoria = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[2].firstChild.nodeValue;
 miniatura = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[3].firstChild.nodeValue;
 imagem = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[4].firstChild.nodeValue;
 descricao = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[5].firstChild.nodeValue;
 if(fotoNR == _root.currentPic){
  fotoNR:fotoNR, data:data, categoria:categoria, miniatura:miniatura, imagem:imagem, descricao:descricao});

This is working… I can see the item that corresponds to the currentPic var / fotoNR node.
What I need to know is the location of it in the XML document!
I mean, if my XML looks like this:

  <descricao><![CDATA[Z&L III]]></descricao>
  <descricao><![CDATA[Z&L II]]></descricao>

the item with fotoNR 1111 is the second (2) one…
But how do I find that by code?
Basically, I need to know how many items go from the beggining till the finded one!