XML Array Index. Help me pls

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“iso-8859-1”?>
<Director title = “Son” />
<Seffire title = “Daughter” />
<Jain title = “Sister” />
<Stropper title =“Mother”>
<Kirupa name = “Kirupa”/>
<NovemberRain name = “November Rain”/>


Above is the XML file. I’ve a function to reade the nodes of the XML that is “dispTree”. xmlStr is the XMl Object.

_root.dispTree(xmlStr.firstChild.childNodes[1], 3);

The call returns “Jain”

What is arrat index we can refer Kirupa.

is it something like _root.dispTree(xmlStr.firstChild.childNodes[1], [3][1]);

I’m little confused how to pass that node index to dispTree function (Kirupa node)

Any help will really appreciable:ponder: