Counter Strike!

yo… sup yall!!! I am a leader of a counter strike clan… its new… its called daa (dead and alive)!

i have made a flash site to promote the clan:

the site is not 100% complete… there’s still no intro… that daa clan is working on… just check it… and reply wid ur opinions…


since the clan is new… we r recruiting new members… if u want to join the clan, plz contact me…

Hey Scrow_J,

I tried going to the address you posted, and all I got was the tripod “page not found” page. I tried refreshing a few times and still got nothing.
Just might want to check that the address is right and the content you want checked is up and running.

If it’s just me, feel free to laugh :-\


Nope not jus you Uthar, I couldn’t reach the site either. Recheck the address again Scrow to make sure you posted right…


It doesn’t work for me either. If you have the page uploaded make sure you have your main page named “index.html” (no quotes). This is a must for any website.

sorry guy… there was an error at tripod when i posted the site… i changed to url now… though for some reason it takes a long time load…

Your, Flash movie will not load. I waited and waited, it’s just a white box surrounded by grey. When I right click it says Movie Not Loaded. Perhaps you have the name wrong?

i have changed the server of where the site is located… tripod was not the best choice…

but i dunt know why it doesnt load… the flash swf file is 3.5 megs… i think that is why it doesnt load… the html though is quite small and the flash has a preloader… i also think that i need to upload the swf file to the site… but its too big… i dunt know wat to do…

it would be really very much appriciated if u had any… i repeat ANY suggestion on how to solve my problem… plz reply! =) :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :nerd:


If you don’t have your .swf file uploaded to the server, it won’t work.

Yikes, I checked out Clan Pages free hosting capabilities, and well, they suck. ONLY 5MB OF SPACE!!!, that is so cheap! It would get used up after a few pages and some pictures, not to mention .swf files. At least with Tripod you had 20MB (although it used to be 50, 20 is still enough for a good site) and FTP access capabilities for the upload of any, and especially larger files. All you would have to do is get an FTP Program, and there are some free ones out there (not getting detailed on this, but you can find some at and run a search for FTP).

I definitely think you should reconsider your hosting choice. That is my suggestion =)

hey thnx for that suggestion but im new at this… and dont take this personally… i didnt get a word of wat u wrote… hehhe:P
wats an FTP?

but i did get something… about clanpages being a bad server… true… i wasnt even able to upload the swf… so wat do u think about geocities? is it better than clanpages… and would it better suit my site?

thnx everyone

more replies r welcome…

ok… i have made an account at and uploaded the 2 files: the html wid my flash, and the swf of the flash…

but… the problem remains the same… the flash does not load even though it has a preloader… the flash is 3.5 megs…
if somebody knows how to fix the problem plz tell me!!!

thnx ppl… i love this forum!!!its wicked!:slight_smile:

Oh sorry, I didn’t think before I typed. FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol. Basically, if you have an FTP pogram you can login through there to upload or download your files to your server. Not all hosts offer this service, and then there are some hosts who only allow you to use this method and don’t provide a File Manager. Anyways, enough babbling…hahah.

Geocities isn’t my first choice in a host, but they are better than Clan Pages so it is a good start. Ok, now that you uploaded the .SWF, did you change the URL to the .SWF? This means you need to open up your .HTML file and check the EMBED code. Make sure the source has the URL to your movie (if the movie is in the same folder as the .html file then just put the filename of the movie…aka…filename.swf) so it should be…

EMBED SRC=“filename.swf”

Hopefully this helps, if not post again:)

i checked the html code… the embed source is correct… its like u said filename.swf… in my case daa.swf… it still doesnt work… but i ve noticed that the names of the 2 files at r different from the ones on my hardrive… on the web they r index.html and index.swf… on hardrive they r daa.html and daa.swf…

thnx for ur suggestion anyway… and by the way… wat is ur first choice for a web server? (that is free i mean)

thnx! any suggestions would be appriciated

Hmmm, odd that it automatically changes your filename. Try editing your .html file IN geocities with their editor. Then rename the file name in your EMBED tag. LOL, I am sort of running out of suggestions :slight_smile:

I used to use Tripod, I only left them because I needed more space since they cut back to 20 MB. So, I haven’t tried many free services, but I did like Tripod the best. One service I don’t like is FreeYellow ( When I used them they kept going down and then after about a year they just up and deleted my account, even though I worked on my page everyday, so I wasn’t inactive. So that is just a personal vendetta, if you want to try them out you can.