Counterdown tutorial

Ok, this ends up being my first official tutorial.

It starts off as a photoshop/imageready tutorial then becomes Flash and ends up being too wide thanks to a dialog image DOH! and there might be other mistakes in there somewhere :-\

hopefully it’s not too confusing due to its “trick”

… Ill let kirupa decide

hack and change as needed.

Hey sen!
Thanks - the tutorial is really good. I think the tutorial is great the way it is, and I’ll have it added up shortly :ub:

telekinesis asked a good question relating to the countdown and I provided a new .fla (which I guess works right, Ihaven’t heard yet that it doesnt ;)). Heres the thread

Think that can be added? Would you need me to write a little more about it or can you work from what’s in the post?


Sen has had a sip of the Actioscript Holy Grail, he has become genuis!!!

Sen - I’ll make it like a small question/answer format toward the end of the tutorial.

EDIT: How does it look? I can change it if you want me to.

awesome Kirupa :wink: thanks!

And, even though it says “Ask Sen” in big bold letters, I havent been flooded with questions yet! :stuck_out_tongue: