Couple of questions

hi, i’m kinda new here and i was just wondering about a few things:

1: hi, i noticed that ther’s loads of browse styles (using mario at the momment)
i was wondering how all these people made them. did they download a template or something? could i make one? is it just the art or do you need to know about html etc.

2: i love the footer competition. some great ones. will there be another soon?

3: anyone know of a free/cheap host that can host swf files?
i use hostrocket, but i need that for my website and images. and my limit is up this month.
and i use photobucket for my sketches and non-important stuff, but i doesnt except swf, html or .fla.
i need something else now! :smiley: but i dont have much money.

thanks. looking forward to using this forum.