Crap! I´m jealous!

haha, I notice a lot of people write about their “loves issues” here so it´s my turn :D…I´ve dating this girl I know for about one year for 3 weeks now, last night she had an event where a very well known personality of our country was discussing some sh*t, and then she calls me later and said: “oh Im in love! I love him! oh!!, he´s so smart!” and I was like :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I know shes just playing with me but I got SO JEALOUS! man! I now hate that guy! :smiley: I knew I was a jealous person, but now im VERY JEALOUS, im laughing as I write this because I trust her and she trust me a lot too, but its impossible for me not to be jealous when a guy is around her even if I know its a good friend of her and thats it! :puzzle:

I guess I have to live like these :stuck_out_tongue: does anyone feel like this?