Create a Photo Gallery

Hi Kirupa,

First of all, big compliment for this site. Clear design and very functional!

As I was learning the “Creat a Photo Gallery”-thing and I noticed that the FLA 5 version didn’t work properly on my computer. Of course, I used it in combination with all the images in ‘animation’ map.

The MX version works fine, can you tell what the problem is?


Grtz, Kevin.

Hey Kevin,
Sorry to hear that the Flash 5 version didn’t work for you. The file was created in Flash MX, and I saved it in the Flash 5 format for reference. Therefore, I didn’t really test the Flash 5 format extensively besides the initial run of the animation.

Are you receiving any error messages? Or are you simply not able to see the animation at all?

Kirupa :rambo:

Hi Kirupa,

The thing is that I don’t get any error messages.

I see the movie as it is (see my attached jpg). So I see the peacock (image0.jpg) and the 2 arrows for scrolling back and forth. (I have to say, I replaced those arrows because i have another webdings-font on my mac, that’s why).

But it will only show the first image (image0) and no more!

I hit the button more than once believe me, but nevertheless. Thanks in advance…

Grtz, kevin.

Hey Kevman -

Did you ever figure this one out? I was having the same issues (only showing the 1st .jpg, etc.)

If you’ve got the fix, I’d love to hear it.


If the code is the same as the MX one, it is normal that it doesn’t work. First of all, you can’t load jpg dynamically, and then Supra used a lot of non compatible syntax. Sorry guys.

pom :asian: