Photo gallery question

Hello kirupa:
I have a question about the photo gallery . I made everything you said in the tutorial but my problem is that the images don’t appear on the screen. I just can see the blank rectangle. I’ve got the animation folder with the pics inside in C:// and in that same folder the files of the movie(fla, swf and htm). The extension of the images are .jpg. What’s wrong with that?
Thanks in advance!!..


I believe that tutorial is for Flash MX, not Flash 5. Flash 5 doesn’t support the external loading of images. I did actually look for the tutorial, but I am pretty sure it was an MX one.

Instead of dynamically loading jpg, you can include them from the beginning, or turn each one of them into a swf and load them dynamically.

pom :asian:

True. The first photo gallery I did had an imported image in every frame with a stop action. Then the forward and back buttons had previous frame and next frame actions. Not very efficient I admit, but it worked.

I would try Ilyas’ way first.

Is it possible to make a photo gallery that just reads any name but it has a .jpg extension?