Create fireworks...have found source, but only with flash 6?

Hi, I need to create fireworks for a xmas e-card I am doing and have found an old but still a good tutorial with source files see: but for some reason this will only work with flash 6 which I cannot use for the rest of my animation… Is there a way of changing the following to make it work with flash 8:

for (n=8; n<50; n++) {
duplicateMovieClip("particle", "particle" add n, n);
setProperty("particle" add n, _rotation, random(360));
setProperty("particle" add n, _alpha, random(30)+80);
setProperty("particle" add n, _xscale, 50+Number(random(60)));
setProperty("particle" add n, _yscale, 50+Number(random(60)));
tellTarget ("particle" add n) {

or is there a more updated fireworks tutorial someone might know?