Create masks with loop and move

Just trying to create an effect I saw a number of times (can’t find an example now I need it though :puzzle: )

I also think it has been asked before. I searched but couldn’t find it so here goes:

I’m trying to create the effect where it seems as if a picture is cut up in a number of pieces that slowly ease to their location where eventually they all form one image again. (can’t find a proper term for it, sorry)

Maybe the attached fla will make things more clear.

There must be an onEnterFrame handler somewhere in which the easing is done. I’m not sure exactly how to set it up though. Could somebody please have a look?


I’ve been playing with this idea now and then (with partial success) and the best I’ve come up with is that you need to animate your shapes(they can also be clips) within a clip and then set ‘that’ clip as the mask for your pic(s)_Clips

yours starts at one point and ends at another but without any ‘interval of motion’ so it’s not really an animation

one thing I noticed w/yours is changing this bit:

_root.attachMovie(“mask”,“mask”+i, 10+i);



will get all the mask panels over the pic…

…I’m going to mess around with this idea some more (kinda droped it for awhile) and if I come up with anything really usefull, I’ll let you know

Ok, thanks a lot :slight_smile: