Createing menu

I wanna create a menu like the menu from this site .

Anyone can help me. If you can, please send me a .fla file.
10x :wink:

Do you want to learn it, or do you just want an .fla so you don’t have to actually do anything, but we do all the work for you?

You have your black bar :


/ |

(gotta love my ascii skills)

You just make that bar a MC.

Now you have its actions be onclipEvent (enterframe). Just tell it to follow the mouse location

(hint hint _ymouse)

I’m being vauge, because I don’t know if you want to learn it, or just want an easy way. Not gonna take time if you just want easy way out.


I wanna learn of course.
I can learn from a fla file ( studying it ).

Anyway 10x 4 your reply.:beam:

Hey Danno

I wanna learn!!!..Show me…you know of tut??

Here is an EXTREMELY rough .fla. You get the point though


Hey Danno thanks man!

I have a question you have any idea how to have x mouse nly active when the mouse is over the menu?? I think it has something to do with hit test…but I cannot seem to get it.

Here ya go!

Study the code and let me know if you have any questions


dano, could you apply a code to this to set up x, y maximum, and minumum boundaries for the “bar” clip, hence it could only be moved so far each way?




Like it?