Creating a Flash Audio Player (need help)

What im trying to do: well basically I want to create an audio player in flash. I would like for it to have buttons for next and previous track, pause, stop, play, and display song info.\r\rBasically the one here at the bottom of the page:\\r\r\rSo what I got down at this point:\r\r-Creating stop and play buttons that load/unload external swf files that contain the song.\r\r-Show track info.\r\r-Thats it :slight_smile: \r\r\rWhat I need help with:\r\r-Creating next/previous track buttons so I can rotate between more than one song.\r\r-Pause button.\r\r\rIf anyone could point me to good tuturial for doing such a thing a would really appreciate as I haven’t ran across one yet.

Ok someone posted some code on another forum but I cant get it working. For the pause button they suggested the following ActionScript:\r\ron (release) { \r_level2.stop(); \r} \r\rThat didn’t seem to work.\r\rHeres the ActionScript for my stop & play buttons:\r\r-Play\r\ron (release) {\r loadMovieNum (“song1.swf”, 1);\r}\r\r\r-Stop\r\ron (release) {\r unloadMovieNum (1);\r}\r\r

A pause button is actually a little bit complex… and I don’t know how to do it, other than the principles involved. For what it’s worth this is how it’s done.\r\rA pause button must judge how far into a song it is by having a counter which is triped when the song starts, then again when the pause button is pressed.\r\rThen you use stopAllSounds(); to stop the music from playing.\r\rThen when you hit pause again, it needs to start playing the song a number of milliseconds into it equal to the second counter minus the first counter.\r\rAs far as I know there is no other way of doing what you’re talking about, UNLESS they’ve altered things in Flash MX.

that method will work just fine assuming song1.swf contains a sound set to streaming and enough frames as the sound is long.\r\rbut you’re loading it into level1 and telling level2 to stop!

Ya I changed it to level1 - and it does stop the song but it doesnt pause it.

sorry, no comprendo. stops but doesn’t pause? \r\rdo you mean that; doesn’t restart it?