Creating a Hyperlink so that user can right click and save?


This might be a simple one for most of you however, since i’m a newbie,I’m having trouble with it. How can i make text, which I later on convert to a button, be used on a flash site, so that a user can right click and save target as? Does anyone have any idea?

I’m not sure how to do this, cause on flash users are usually not allowed to right click and save target, on a hyperlink. I’m trying to give users the ability to save mp3’s. Any suggestions?

Thank you very much!:-\

Right clicking on a Flash movie will always bring up the default context menu. There is no way to right click and save target as.

Thank you very much for that! Does anyone have any idea,what would be the best way to allow users to download an mp3 within a flash site?

Well I am assuming that it is really Macs that have to right click and save target as, since windows works fine just clicking a link.

Do you know if Mac people have to right click and save target as for .zip files?

See, what happens if a user is to simply click and be taken to the location of the mp3, is that it loads the whole mp3 and plays it on quicktimem ( within the browser).

What I want to do is allow user to click on the button, so that they have the option of saving it somehow. I’m not sure what the best method is for this.

Other than .zip files I don’t know what to tell you.

Maybe someone else who reads this thread can come up with an answer. I would try to help, but my computer works fine just clicking on a link to an mp3 file and downloading it, so it would be difficult for me to test things.

I’ll try zipping them I gues. lostinbeta, thank you very much! I appreciate your time with this!!!


No problem, sorry I can’t be of more assistance:(