Problem with downloading mp3s from flash links

it seems like whenever i link an mp3 or other non-image file (i.e., mov) from a flash site, it always begins to download within the internet window itself, without giving one the option to save it to disk. an example can be seen at this flash site i made:

go to releases / download (for the “he can jog” ep) / then click on any of the tracks.

is there a way to enable saving an mp3 to disk? or will i have to zip them first? thanks for any help.

Zip them.

yea someone else had this problem, zipping seems to be the only solution

The only other way is for the person downloading to right click and select “save target as” from the drop down menu.

I’ve had to do that to download .swf and some other file types.


you cant right click flash buttons