Creating a Mail server?


right checked on the internet, however it is all a big jumble and just want to understand and make the whole process.

I want to make a mail server.

Basically I wish to purchase a Domain and have my mail server host the emails.

I wish to do it on a windows machine and would be very gratefull if it could be explained and what is required.

I understand that will need something like Windows 2003 server (Will also be hosting my site) Exchange 2003 and something like Merak but I dont understand how everything interlinks together and how they interact.

Yes there is explanations about pop3 and SMTP, but nothing on the whole thing, from the word go until the finish.

I think this will also be very helpful for some other people too :slight_smile: Could even make a tutorial on this.

Million thanks appreciated in advanced.

(I know there are hundreds of books for exchange, server 2003 but :s I always prefer advice from people rather than reading thousands of pages)

Thank you,