Creating a scroll interface with hyperlinks and buttons

good day all :slight_smile: \r\rI am new to this forum, and this is my question.\rHow does one create a scrolling bar, with includes hyperlinks and buttons?\r\ru all have a fantstic day now.\r\rTarQuiN ( [email protected] )

hi…\r\rwelcome to…\r\rR.E: Buttons & Hyperlinks… I would suggest scrolling an MC with the butts and links set in it…\r\rR.E: Hyperlinks… You could import a text file into the scrollable area and in the .txt file have hyperlink from the word/sentance (written in .\r\rThere are tuts on how to scroll .txt files and MC’s in kirupa’s tutorial section and also on [url=“”]…)\r\rCheerio’\rBen…

Thank u GingerHippy69.\r\rHave u maybe got any tutorials on that?

Like this ?\r\…boLink.swf\r[url=“”]…boLink.fla\r\rpom 0]