Hyperlink in scroller

Erm I can make a scroller, as shown in the tutorials on kirupa. But i want to put hyperlinks in it. When you click on some text it takes u to another page.

Can anyone show me how :q: Thanks in advance.=) :cool: :slight_smile: :bandit:

Assuming you used this tutorial…


Change the code to look like this…

loadText = new loadVars();
//creating the loadVarsText function
loadText.onLoad = function() {
                scroller.html = true;
		scroller.htmlText = this.kirupatext;

This allows you to use HTML text format tags, and you can even use the HTML link tag.

actually I ment the http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/textscroller.asp thread.

the one where u can change it through flash. Cos i have tonnes of folders for efficiency in my website and if i did a seperate .txt I’d have to do em all.

unless u can link to the .txt a level up on folders? e.g.
flash= /parent/domain/flash.swf
text = …/parent/info.txt

is this possible or my mind going haywire?

I think it might be possible. If you can’t go back like that, then just supply a direct link to it and it should work.

With the tutorial you used, you would have to add all that text into actionscript, which take up A LOT of lines and work. So I recommend the tutorial I showed you.

Any chance of changng the colours of the scrollbr? or use movieclips/buttons for it?

Basic Crash course in CSS for Flash…

myStyle = new FStyleFormat();
myStyle.face = 0x0287C5;
myStyle.background = 0x0287C5;
myStyle.arrow = 0xEEEEEE;
myStyle.scrollTrack = 0x0287C5;
myStyle.highlight = 0x0287C5;
myStyle.darkshadow = 0x0287C5;

Of course change the colors, I just picked colors out of mid air and threw them in there. Experiment with each color to see what it does.

This assumes you gave your scrollbar component the instance name of “scrollbar” (without quotes).

im confused there cos its css.

which means its in the html not the flash, right?

i may sound really thick now

HAHA, no, its not really CSS, it is fake CSS for Flash. You add it to your frame and give your component an instance name. And at the bottom where you see addListener is where you can add listeners of that style.

thx u 0wn at flash

Hehe, not really, but thanks =)

I am glad I could help you :slight_smile:

well i have a problem, there are two fields missing that i need, I found one. this is my HTML version which i want to replicate but slight variety:


My css in flash is

myStyle = new FStyleFormat();
myStyle.face = 0xFFCC00;
myStyle.background = 0x3399FF;
myStyle.arrow = 0x000000;
myStyle.scrollTrack = 0x3399FF;
myStyle.highlight = 0x000000;
myStyle. ********************= 0x000000;
myStyle.shadow = 0x000000;
myStyle.darkshadow = 0x000000;

the ************** part is where I want the 3d light in
thats in the html, but 3d-light wont work. neither will 3dlight

whats the command?

myStyle.highlight3D = 0x000000;