Creating a search field in Flash 5 - The Atomz code

Hi,\r\rThis is the code that gave me to incorporate in the HTML. Now I would like to use this same code and create a search field within a Flash movie. how do I do this? Please explain this like I’m a child. Kinda a beginner at Flash 5 \r\rNote: The “<” and “>” I have replaced as “(” and “)”. Otherwise it wouldn’t allow the code:\r\r(!-- Atomz Search HTML --)\r(form method=“get” action=“”)\r§(font face=“arial,helvetica,sans-serif” size="-1")(b)search(/b)(br)\r(input class=formitem id=search size=5 name=“sp-q”)\r(/font)(br)\r(input type=image height=20 width=20 src=“imgsearch.gif” name=submit align=“absmiddle” border=“0”)\r(input type=hidden name=“sp-a” value=“sp10016a77”)\r(/p)\r(/form)

I have created a tutorial regarding this very issue:…search.asp\r\rCheers,\rKirupa =)