Creating a search field in Flash 5


I am trying to create a search field using Flash 5. I am currently using the search robot, just like the kirupa website. On registering your website, they give you a HTML code, which you put inside the variables of the search field. So when the user types in what he’s searching for, he clicks “go” and then the next page is “Powered by” and then the results of the search.

Now I wanna know how I can simulate this in Flash 5, with the search results displayed in a normal HTML file, once the “go” button is clicked.

I am creating an input text field and then a button saying “go”. How do I set the variables in the search field to look up the search robot?

Someone help me and give me like a detailed tutorial. I’m kinda a beginner :wink:


What you need to do is insert the search string into the Atomz link.
So you make your text field an input and give it a name like “search”, and on the ‘submit’ button, add 1st the string concatenation (turn this into a newVariable:url+search), and then the getUrl(newVariable)…I’d need to see what the search url looks like to tell you exactly.

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