Creating an e-commerce website

hello everyone… long time since i last posted here…

okay, so heres the thing.
i have this client who wants me to make a website for her business (she’s selling shirts, necklaces and beads).

i have no problem when it comes to the animation / design / creating simple forms and all that… but what intimidates me is that she wants her site to allow users to log-in and be able to pay either through credit card or paypal.

  1. how do i make the site allow visitors to register and log-in / out?
  2. how do i make the users pay through credit-card securely?
  3. paypal? heard of it but never used it… how do i add this function anyway?

help please… any suggestions? links to tutorials? etc?
feel free to throw me anything, i will read it up and figure it out…
i just need to make this website work…

thanks in advance…

The perfect tutorial for your needs is located here:

You could always use something like osCommerce and manipulate the code to your purposes. As long as you are fine with php code it is fairly straightforward to manipulate. It comes with pre-prepared integration of a variety of gateways like PayPal and there is a really good forum if you need help.

I’ve used it a couple of times and it works a treat

[quote=djheru;2340337]The perfect tutorial for your needs is located here:[/quote]

this is cool… thanks!