Creating and playing movie in movie


I’m trying to make a sort of slide show player, but with pop up images and animations (tweens). What I have so far is an xml file that has image file names and information tags for the image. Images get loaded and the play/rewind etc buttons control the playback.

I have been able to pause the timing queues (ei when the pause button is pressed) for animations but my last challenge is to have a slider so that that player acts just like any standard flash movie player. This would become very complicated since scrolling forward in the movie would require numerous calculations and lots of overhead so as to calculate where you are in the playback of the slide show/movie.

I was wondering if it would be possible to program a slide show and export it within the same movie and use the control buttons to have it run just like any flash player that loads an swf.

…I hope this made sense and thanks for reading.