Creating interfaces for Flash

I am an aspiring Flash designer…well, I can’t really call my self yet, but I’m hoping i can earn the title by mastering the basics of flash…
I have TONS of ideas for flash interfaces…I know some actionscript and I understand basic concepts (tweening,fading,buttons) but something has truly FRUSTRATED me is making interfaces…I have seen soooo many cool flash sites, that have really nice interfaces and I am curious how they make them. 2 questions:
1.)Can really sleek interfaces me made in flash?
2.)Do flash developers ever use Photoshop to create interfaces?

-ne feedback is greatly appreciated
-jive designer

Hey jivedesign,
Really cool interfaces can be done in Flash. In fact, check out the sites listed in the following URL:…hsites.asp Some of the sites such as dubit and 2advanced have great interfaces created in Flash.

I don’t have Photoshop, so I have never used the program in Flash before. I am sure many people use PhotoShop images in Flash to create nice interfaces, but Flash is quite an effective drawing program if used properly. I use Microsoft Image Composer and PhotoDraw to edit images.

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Go take a look at my site. The animations are very basic, but it’s really more of an experiment in that type of interface. I made the majority, if not all, of those images in Photoshop, and then imported them into flash. Flash can be a good drawing tool, but I find Photoshop is more intuitive, and you have more control over things like colors, gradients, fills, and selections.

Guys (or girls :slight_smile: as i said before, I really appreciate you guys giving me your feedback. It’s people like you that make forums enjoyable! Any ways, in regards to Kirupa’s response, I do believe that Flash’s drawing tools are powerful enough to make some nice graffix. However, I have no clue where to find tutorials on drawing techniques in flash (cough possible new tutorial/section in kirupa’s tutorial’scough) ;] And in regards to Scorpion’s response, yes I also feel that Photoshop is probably more powerful than flash in regard to graffic design. But is there a way to make Photoshop graffix you make into vector vormat so that they can be animated?

-again any feeback greatly appreciated :]

My advice is be creative and be yourself. my site is getting god recognition and it was all drawn in Flash

the best drawing program i found was adobe illustrator9.0 which can do everything flash can as far as drawing goes and more, plus you can export your illustrations right out to flash. but the best way to create a cool interface it to basically draw it out 1st. pen and pencil are always 1st and once you have the basic idea down you can create things faster and more efficiently that way. the way of the pros.
later dude