Creating scrollbars: I sadly need help!

[font=verdana][color=black][size=2]Hahahaha! I know you guys are gettin’t tired of me, lol!! Anyway, I am now working on a project here at school where I have to use FlashMX 2004. I’m trying to create scrollbars for a textfield that will load my text from an external .txt file. For some reason, the copy of FlashMX 2004 that we have here at school doesn’t contain a scrollbar component, only the scrollpane component. Now I know that I could just as easily make a MC and make my textarea inside the MC and just write right into it from the stage and then attach the MC to the scrollpane so that it shows up, but that would defeat the purpose of having the external .txt loaded in at runtime.

What I need to know is how can I make this textarea scrollable with the loaded .txt file if I don’t have a seperate scrollbar component? Is there some actionscript out there that can show me how to make my own scrollbar component from scratch? Is there a wasy to seperate the scrollbar from the scrollpane component?

Going crazy and bald from trying to learn this program…