Creating virtual tours in Flash

I want to create virtual tours of the rooms in a client’s bed & breakfast.

Here’s my wish list:

I want to use still photos from an ordinary camera on a sturdy tripod; these I will stitch together in photoshop.

I want to use Flash to build the tour mechanism–or a third party program that runs through Flash Player 9 (and costs less than $100).

The panorama could be just shy of 360, but full-circle is preferable.

There should be an ability to “rack” up and down the walls somewhat, but vertigo-inducing ceiling and floor crawls are totally unnecessary.

Zooming in and out to show detail is a must.

The movement should be by mouse drag, except the zooming, which can be by buttons.

I have Flash 8 now but would upgrade to CS3 and embrace AS3.0 and Papervision if necessary.

I searched Kirupa for a tute but only saw the one on stitching in Photoshop.

I also searched the net and didn’t find anything suitable.

And I could not find a Kirupa forum category that actually fit this request.

Any ideas? TIA.

Check out Robert Payne’s example here: It has a lot of the base functionality I think you might be looking for.

Thanks, Anogar. I went there but can’t see how to access his example. And, while I have Flash Player 9, how do I know if I have Flash Player 9.0.115?

It should have loaded right in the blog post, it’s there for me. There’s also a ‘download source files’ link.

Thanks. It won’t open in Firefox. But it does in Safari, just as you said it should.

In Firefox, I get this: “This movie requires Flash Player 9.0.115,” where the panorama opens successfully in Safari. (Could I have 9.0.115 in Safari and not in Firefox?)

And while it looks good, I don’t see any mechanism for zooming in and out, which I’d need.

A Google search for Flash Panorama Tutorials will throw up hundreds of examples. And whichever of the Flash/Actionscript forums is appropriate (CS3, MX, Flash8, AS2, AS3) is probably the best place to ask specific questions.

You can find out which version of the player you’re using by right-clicking on any Flash file in your browser,select About Flash, and the page that displays will tell you which version you have installed.

Thanks, glosrfc! I “Control-Clicked” a Flash file and have Flash Player installed, which is supposedly the latest for an Intel Mac like mine.

And I’ll try Googling “FLash Panorama Tutorials”

El movedo.

El movedo incorrecto? [quote=will-s;2343840]I have Flash 8 now but would upgrade to CS3 and embrace AS3.0 and Papervision **if **necessary.[/quote]

hehe, thanks!

Let me in on the joke: Was Digitalosophy suggesting with “El Movedo” that I “move on to” Flash CS3?

If so, I take that as good advice!

No, not at all…he was just informing readers that he’d moved the thread to another, more appropriate, forum (at least it’s more appropriate for now) :wink:

Oh. OK!
What forum?
So I’ll know next time.

It’s in the Flash 8 forum as that’s the version you’re using.

You can see this displayed at the top of the page, just above your thread title.

I get it now.


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