Is it possible in Flash?

jus wondering if its possible to do this in flash : ; if so … can anyone tell me how?

It is possible to be done in flash, because that is done in flash. What part do you want to know how to do?

of course this is possible. just search for panoramic tutourials. Actually, the sit is done in flash. But I sugguest you start on something simple.

Yes… I said the site was done in flash…

i do lots of tours :: but not in flash.

but here is a flash tutorial link::

Seems to me that a lot of the content (photo panning) is Quicktime VR but the navigation is Flash. Anyone with a thought on the possibility of doing this without Quicktime VR?

OK so, once again I’m foiled. The above post relates to my question, thanks.

click here

Is that what your looking to do? I will post the fla if thats what your looking for.

It was attempting to make one then i quit. Sorry about the zooming on the whole thing, if i wasn’t lazy i could fix that.


thanks all of u
if i had any prob again … i’ll seek help from u’ll
till then … ciao