Creative Inspire 5200 or 5300?

Hey all, looking to buy some speakers to go with a new sound card (Audigy 2). Not wanting to spend too much on speakers due to budget, but i would still like some nice speakers to emphasis the 5.1 surround. (i know audigy 2 can do 6.1 and the newer one 7.1 but my budget is at 5.1)

So been looking at the Creative Inspire 5.1 sets and found that there are three i’m intrested in the 5200 the 5300 and the T5400.

On the creative site, they have the 5200 located above the 5300 :h:

why? which one is newer ??

I would love to get the t5400 but i dont think they ship here to australia (also is that a older range or newer, because the two way speakers in the T5400 has me confused)

So whats your thoughts, can anyone help me out?