Creative music

no. they are not “DJ’S”. since when is nirvana a DJ. sigh

So who would you call if you are having a big ass party, the nirvana hotline or would your call a DJ company?

I’d call Ghostbusters, myself. :slight_smile:

Popular music gives me headaches. I prefer classical, a slow song can relax you and unleash your sensitive side. A powerful symphony can give you a sense of triumph. And classical music has also been proven to improve your mind. But you probably all think I’m lame.:elderly:

Au contraire.

I enjoy classical music just as much as my beloved rock and nu-metal. I’ve done a lot of dance work over the years and that makes you appreciate classical a lot more. I love ‘Pasaqualia’ Vivaldi’s ‘Stabat Matar’…

I suppose I listen to classical when I’m being creative in a physical way (I’ve just realised how that sounds, but can’t be bothered to change it, I know what I mean), and more modern when I’m creating on computers and stuff…

Funny that you should mention Manu Chao, Edwin. I loved Clandestino, very new, very fresh, but man… His last album is just a bad clone. Very disappointing.

And yeah!! Linkin Park Reanimation rocks!! (but oddly enough their album sucks… go figure).

pom :elderly:


thats why i said MOSTLY djs

like ive never hear of nirvana?
just hvent heard of some of them, thought they were djs


There’s a little didtty that plays in my head. Over and over and over, and i listen to that to “unleash my creativity”, but It plays ALL THE TIME!! its getting on my nerves… hehe jk

i listen to everything from Classical music to Jazz, to hard rock, to Rap, to commercial Jingles lol (“J-E-L-L-O…”)

“Im not insane, but the voice in my head is.” - Me.

Five words: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

So what kind of music is that rengirl? I opened up the page and I saw a review with the word folks in it and thought it was country so I closed the browser, I’m curious what it is because Flaming Lips sounds more like a Punk/Alternative band name than that of country!

Manu Chao!!! I cant believe some one mentioned Manu Chao - simply fantastic music. Great Stuff.


Am I the only one knowing about Lorenna McKinnet…??

Man… u guys dunno what you’er missing…! :slight_smile:

Well I dont know Lorenna McKinnet, but I think I’ll do a little looking around. :cowboy:


look around for “Dante’s Prayer” by her… it is just magical…

hahaha. please check out squarepusher and estradasphere. they kick ass. 2 totally different music genres tho.

Squarepusher is good

For inspiration I also listen to Aphex Twin, Joe Boyd Vigil (yes, the toonami guy), Dieselboy, Chevelle, Sneaker Pimps

AH, it all really depends on what inspiration I have going at that moment:) I listen to almost anything other than country and rap.

i push squares

i push squares all the time!

haha the DB woot woot ( diselboy ). hes dope. any listen to mike paton?

Anyone heard of Tupac? hehe just playin!

eilsoe: You asked me before, “what bad memories?” Well one girl basically ripped open my chest and jumped up and down on my still-beating heart, and that type of music was basically our theme song to our relationship, so listening to that kind of stuff reminds me of her and brings back the bad memories. Gotta love evil chicks

Jubba :cowboy: