Creative music

If the meaning of this thread goes as planned, I’m gonna be happy.

*What do all you guys/gals listen to when unleashing your creative talents in either code or graphics?

My kind is…well… Enigma, Enya… that kind… and some heavy trance tracks… im REALLY pick’ish when it comes to trance.

Oh, and for those who likes this kind too, get “DANTE’S PRAYER” by Loreena McKinnet. Man that is some goooood muzack…

Basically, if it’s quit, my mind goes numb. Absolutely nothing in anything…

OH, and Maggie Reilly RULES!! When combined with Mike Oldfield, I’m just in heaven…! :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno why, but this type of music just gets to me, makes me more creative… weird…

I agree, but unfortunately I can’t listen to it anymore because of bad memories that it drudges up. Enigma and Enya are awesome to listen to for creative inspiration…

It really depends on what I am doing… most of the time it is DJ sets… I like to stick to jazy down-tempo stuff when I start out a day of work, usually ending up with a more hard tech-house mix by lunch then on to trance and progressive house. Sometimes I listen to my own recorded sets - helps if it is something I just recorded that I think came out well… that seems to get me all pumped to creat more!! :smirk:

Also I enjoy classical - piano esp. Check out any of the piano by Dune… very classic, but also trancy… I havent heard one track that couldnt be chopped up and turned into a great dance anthem.

hey there eilsoe: I asked you this in another thread, but I dont think you saw it… being pretty good with photoshop, I was wondering if you had ever checked out it is a great community for designers mostly using 3D Max and photoshop. One of my favorites - but beware if you have thin skin, they can be pretty harsh on people - but all good. :cowboy:


I dunno, never been there before, maybe i’ll check it out! :stuck_out_tongue:

“harsh on people” …? I think i’m better off here, where i can actually help people with some PS or whatever…

Maybe I’ll use theroot42 as an inspirational source…

Jubba: What bad memories?

yeah it is nothing like here… they are not all harsh - just a bit blunt when people post their work, but there are some really good PS skills shown there on a daily basis.


Hey Eilsoe!
Enya and Enigma are great! I have almost all of Enigma’s albums; they are great. The Screen Behind the Mirror has to be one of his best. It doesn’t include those bizarre voices like some of his previous albums had.

Besides that, I listen to the Bee Gees. Been a fan of their music for almost 10 years, and I have almost every album/single/import (27 so far) they have written since the 60s. I’m a beegees fanatic =)

Kirupa :hat:

In a break from all the rest of you, I tend to listen to indie, nu-metal, rock and Britpop - Linkin Park, Sum 41, Bowling for Soup, The Offspring… Stuff like that. Energetic.

Plus if I get creative block at least I can headbang it away. :slight_smile:

Same with me. Tons and tons of Bjork dance mix stuff too.

Funny really. I don’t typicaly like any dance music unless I’m creating… but when I’m creating it’s the perfect catalyst for my work.

I like to have music playing when I’m working, but I don’t really listen to it. That’s wy it doesn’t really matter whether I’m listening to Britney or the last Linkin Park track (by the way Kit, did you listen Linkin Park Reanimation? 100 times better than the original).

And Upu, Bjork is the best thing that happened to music in the past 10 years, I tell you. Did you have a chance to listen to her last concerts DVD? That’s simply undescribable, unspeakable, completely listenable and awable.

pom :elderly:

nope… haven’t picked it up yet. I agree with you on the “last 10 years” part and I’ll certainly be at the store soon to get that album.

Unlike you, I like to have the stuff blaring in my ears, drowning out everything but my imagination. Sometimes, I’ll admit, it gets to be too much… then it’s silent time.

Heh, just like me David! :stuck_out_tongue:

I turn up the volume too, blocking everything else.

I know when I need to really get creative I through on some funk. George Clinton, P-Funk, Bootsy Collins, Snoop Dogg or any old funk will do. I know its odd for a white guy from a small town to be down with the funk but my friends and I are all about the funk.

I love club music, ya know the kind of music you would pop and lock to (a hip-hop dance style for those hwo dont know). I don’t know any of the names but all I know is if that doesn’t get you in the flow you can’t dance for ****. I agree its boring music when your by yourself but I guess its just the club atmosphere that gets ya going! Most of the DJ’s you won’t ever know but most know DaRude for his beats!

Well it really depends on what you are working on… But my personel favourites are Linkin Park (Rules!, especially Reanimation), Scooter, Pulsedriver, Dune (always a good choice) and sometimes some really nice club mixes!

Club Freak :crazy:




Squarepusher is awsome, Edwin totally got into the techno groove! Of course I can’t forget Linkin Park (especially their new remix CD). I’m also a big hip-hop/rap fan so ya know; I like to coughchillcough while listenin to: Bone Thugs, xzibit, tupac, eminem, nappy roots, nas, kurupt, and daz dillinger just to name a few! Oh yea, I despise country >>> :cowboy: <<<

dance/club (vocals mostly)

but nothin beats classical music while working - it just…stimultaes your mind like no ohter - SCINETIFICALLY PROVEN! lol

i veen have a cd called “mozart for your modem” designed for listening while surfing the web - it owns

an edwin, are those mostly djs u named or what?