Credit Card Design - C&C please :)

I have to send this to print soone. But there are some questions as to which design is better. I dont want to add a bias to your opinon; more than i already have, so here are the 2 designs. Which one is better?

Printing Specs
Will be printed on a clear 30 mill - [just like starbucks cards]
White will be completly see through
black will also be somewhat translucent - like a dark tinted windows

Large Version - .5 mb 300dpi -[You will need to tell your browser not to scale the image]

preview -below

Thanks for the help and quick responce

I think the 2nd one is better with the art behind the ‘s’ logo and will look great on the clear (transparent) type cards! Good stuff! :thumb:

nice! black really makes the white stand out in this one:)
i prefer the second since the gray bg looks good :wink:

one thing is for sure, becareful of the cropping of the logo (cutting will cut into it) black seems to be not centered and hard to see - was that your intention? and the type might be to small to read- is this for old people? haha. Hopfully you get a proof before actually printing alot out.

Both seems fine except you might run into trouble with the second one.(never worked with plastic so i don’t know how it will look in the end

Thanks so much for the CC - et al
LOL No this will be for old people - college seniors - LOL not the old ones
you can see what heppened last year at

for Thee, my Lord, for Thee. - thanks for the CC

no they will be full bleed, ive worked with them before, it should be fine.

Yes the S is so lob sided that, i tried to get the bulk of the S centered, but then once you center the CIRCLE on the S it will be a little skewed to the left. Good Eye

i like the second one.nice done

I tihnk the second one’s the best because of the arty stuffs.
Looks nice, good job.

move the S over 2 pixels to the left and it will be good. i really dont think people are gonna hate on it cuz its off center by 2-3 pixels…

I like #2. But for what you are trying to accoumplish with the print I would go with #1. It will have more impact IMO. Looks good, what is it for? SOme kind of discount card?

Yes i moved the design over 3 px and up 2. Good advice…looks alot fuller

Thanks for commenting DDD
Imagine homecoming for your college or university, but instead of in November its more like a homegoing a final farewell to seniors.
partying is a really big thing here in the ATL (as you know), so throughout “seniorweek” there are parties setup at some of the major clubs around the city. the door can sometimes be 100 dollars to get in. So this is technically a discount card so that the seniors can get in at reduced prices.

This is the FINAL version as I have it!



The printer still hasnt called so I have a bit more time.

lol…I was thinking seniors as in senior citizens…I was like wtf, Seniors getting jiggy and going dumb…lol

Just noticed that the S and the circle is a lil off not really dead center.

Lol not quite.
that would be a bad day on earth and a terrible business move. LOL

you can see what we did for last year at

well i’d have to say i’m not a fan of that script font being used… or the word black behind the logo, but it’s not bad at all… i’d choose sth like that as my Visa :smiley:

edit: actually come to think of it I don’t like any of the sub text except for the Senior Week one… it’s the only one that doesn’t look forced. Ah oh… from a print standpoint too… the contents look to close to the edges.

Machuse - please don’t use an agressive title like that … you don’t demand comments, you kindly ask for them. I’m editing your title.

The two versions look *exactly *the same to me. Anyway, I think the “7 deadly sins” font doesnt go well with the rest of the text.

aaaahhhh…man you go to Morehouse?. When I was in Uni, we played your basketball team in a exhibition game (we slaughtered ya’ll…lol). Man I was in heaven there, I didnt want to come home…they girl to guy ratio at the game and after party was like 10 to 1. And they love hoop players. ends fantasy

Anyway the card looks pretty cool as I said. I would make it look it look a lil more top secret, by replacing the “s” with some kind of symbol.

[ot]dude you know that was way back in the day when you were still throwin a ball through a wicker basket… those days don’t count.;)[/ot]

**Simplistik **- Sorry you dont like the font…It looked ok to me, I wanted something a little victorian, but swing and a miss I guess. [I do see exactly what you mean tho]The audience wont be too design oreinted so Im not to worried, even the stuff I think is crap people go crazy over. Seems to me non Design people just want to either see simplicity or just stuff done nice.
I dont quite get/see how it is ‘forced’ tho, but I know what ur saying.
*-=bleeds/edges=-*no it will be fine that close to the edge, ive worked with them b4 and they always get it right where it supposed to be. I guess they do stuff a little diffrent cause the ususally have to fit in fine print on the bottom of debit/credit cards

**Voersjoeba **- I was just trying to indicate the fact that I would be sending the job in within the same hour. In no way were my intentions to demanding although I could see how someone might take it that way. Thanks for editing the title, I actually was going to try to contact someone about changing it.
What do u think about the design, now that you’ve taking the time to visit? lol…

**BlueNar **- Well they are quite similar but not exactly by any means, theres a little suprise that makes them diffrent lol, maybe u missed it. Try pulling up the 300 dpi version.
hmmmm issues with the 7 Deadly Sins again…wasnt expecting that, I thought the mix of Roman and Victorian would kinda have that same correlating feel, like brown and light blue! Anyways. Thanks much for the comment Ill consider changing the font.

[ DDD ]
sorry I missed your post. | and for double post
lol i have nothing to do with that. lol, but the girl to guy is absolutly ridiculus, ill send some your way! If you wanna make a trip down here I can get you a card? (jp) -but, let me know, if u want

Yea no time to do any more identity work, I was up all night trying to get that pasily stuff in the backround traced out in illustrator. I got flyers due to print tommorow and shirts on wed. PLUS THE WEBSITE AND INTRO, eccommece, and databasing, swipe system. Well see what happens. [Machuse :: crosses fingers, takes caffine pill, rolls dice]

anyways keep in touch