Critique :)

So I’ve been making a game on and off for awhile and it’s finally starting to come together.:beer: There are still a few issues and the website design is far from amazing, which is why I’m looking for some critiques, but game play itself is finished and almost glitch free (not quite yet, but getting there). I do plan on working on it more.:cons:

:p: Browser based text game in which each player controls a kingdom and competes with the other players by building an army. I know real original, only a few thousand other games like it. There are quite a few different types of units you can buy, a couple upgrades, and lots of different items you can equip them with. Players can then attack each other and are ranked based on how good their armies are.

Because my users will be going through a lot of pages I am trying to keep my layout simple and very easy to navigate yet still have an appealing appearance. It is also a game so I don’t want it to look too much like a business website, but be something that compliments the game. My main purpose of this thread is for a website design critique but if you have any ideas about the actual game feel free to let me know too.

**My Problem:
**Unfortunately, I am not a very good web designer. I know some basic photoshop skills and I know the ropes of html and css, but I’m not great at designing layouts, picking colors, and making cool little graphics. I’m putting some screen shots of the current layout in this thread so that you all don’t have to register to see what different parts of the site look like and I was hoping I could get some feedback on the site overall, but especially if you see any little things that I could fix, add, remove to make the site look better. Also if you know any websites that I might want to go to for inspiration that would be much appreciated. I’ve looked at a lot of successful games’ websites but unfortunately most of the concepts they use are above my talent level.

Feel free to be harsh :wink: I know I’ve got a lot of work to do. All comments are appreciated.

P.S. I can only do so much about the ads because I’m on a free host. I can change the placement but I’m limited in size and have no control over content.


**The Old Home Page:
In Game:

New Home Page: