Cromeless windows diffrent Urls

I took a look at :
I was wondering if you could let “var b” in the javaskript undifinde. And then defining it in the link in the lfah movie


chromeless.onPress = function()

and if you can do such a thing. can you let 2 or more vars undifinde. like b and y

chromeless.onPress = function()
	getURL("javascript:myChromeless.openChromeless(b=, y=Example by Kirupa)");	

Just wondering, please help me out. TNX
regards, T-O

Why did “javaskript” in the [.as][./as] change into “about”

  1. I think so, never tried but try this…


function createChromeless()


function createChromeless(url)

Then Change

var B = "";


var B = url;

Then you would call it like


(quotes on yourURLHere are important)

  1. It is a bug in the forum that seems to have occured after adding AS color coding support. We have yet to single out the problem, but given that the AS tag is so wonderful on this Flash forum we would rather have that than nothing :-\

so it should be:

<script type="text/javascript" src="ByKlein_chromeless2.0.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" >
function createChromeless(url)
		//This are the attributes you can customize//
		var B = url;                                           // URL
		var Y = "Example by Kirupa";                           // title
		var K = "c_title.gif";                                 // titlebarImage
		var L = 23;                                            // titlebarHeight
		var E = "Arial";                                       // titleFont
		var I = 10;                                            // titleSize
		var N = "#5596AE";                                     // titleColor
		var C = false;                                         // scrollbars
		var h = 500;                                           // width (w)   
		var r = 400;                                           // height (h)
		var o = true;                                          // centered
		var m = 0;                                             // xPos
		var e = 0;                                             // yPos
		var l = "#5596AE";                                     // borderColor
		var e_= 5;                                             // borderSize
		var s = "minimize.gif";                                // minimizeBottom
		var s_= "close.gif";                                   // closeBottom

		myChromeless = new ChromelessWindow(B,Y,K,L,E,I,N,C,h,r,o,m,e,l,e_,s,s_);


chromeless.onPress = function()

Well i’m not really sure what the


is doing in the <SCRIPT></SCRIPT> tags, that will automatically launch it, so if you don’t want that, remove that (besides, since it doesn’t have the url argument in there it won’t work right anyway).

And yeah, I didn’t test it, but that should work. However, in your getURL, you will need single quotes around, like this… ‘’, this is because you are already within double quotes so you need to switch to single quotes (and within single quotes you switch back to double quotes, and on and on and on)