[CS3][AS2] Button code and MC not playing...?

Attached is a test SWF that has the exact problem that I am having in the main file, tried to attache the FLA but it is too big.

To navigate to the problem, preview the SWF and click Search Now. It will bring up a list of different places, click on the one that says Harbison…that will bring up another window with an X in the corner. You click the X and it unloads the movie-clip but what is supposed to happen is that the white box is supposed to collapse back up after the MC unloads, but it doesn’t.

The code is there for it to gotoAndPlay the start of the frame where it collapses but it doesn’t work…the action is being called because I traced it but it does not do anything. When you click the Harbison button it loads a MC into a Container with:


The X button has this code on it:

on (release) {

Please any help would be great!