[CS3] Load 1 swf per frame: Move down TL as each swf finishes playing?

Hi everyone :dog: ,

I initially posted something similar in the CS3 forum, but it may have been a wrong place, since what I think I have is an AS question. I also had an ambiguous title which I couldn’t edit after the fact. :frowning: Apologies if this is not the right way to post! Please bear with me as I try to explain.

I have about 30 very simple external swfs–each contain an image with tweened fades and rollover-to-pause/rollout-to-resume actions. They’re loaded onto the main timeline one after another as a slideshow. It’s an auto-play and loop: each image swf loads the next one on to the empty movie clip after it is done playing. (i.e., swf1’s last frame loads swf2, and so on.)

This set up was fine until I realized that I should have a place-marker–something that indicates where you are in the slideshow. No other functions (go to next/previous) for the marker. I just need to show graphically that you’re seeing the 5th of 30 images. The graphic is 30 dark dots that get filled in as you progress.

To do this, I figured it would be easiest if I designate 1 frame per image (=one swf) on the main timeline. So, frame 1 will load 1.swf and when 1.swf finishes, frame 2 will load 2.swf. This will make it easy for me to color in the appropriate dots according to where we are in the slideshow.

What I think I need to figure out is to “pause” at each of the frames on the main timeline until the loaded swf is done playing. They’re all different in length–some are 50 frames and some are 90 frames long.

I almost had it figured out from massive googling, but I honestly don’t understand it well enough to tweak what I’ve found to do what I want it to do.

Also, if there is a way that I can easily make the “place marker” work without changing the way it is currently set up (1 frame in main time line; 30 swfs that load one another), that would be even more awesome!

I honestly think it is something that isn’t all that complicated, but it is officially over my head. :crazy: :crying:

I really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance! :slight_smile: