[cs3] Loader delay

Ok - so ive been making a photography portfolio website.

Currently its link is rediculously long – www.implementationsofimagination.com/school/jwp/index.html

So my problem is this - i have preloaders on all the external swfs that i have to call into the main flash file. All of which have nothing but the loader on the first frame - and yet when you go to any of the links it takes a couple seconds for the loaders to show up - and then they start loading from 30% or 5% or whatever. they never start at 0%. this would imply that there is 30% of the content on the first frame but there definately isnt unless the loader itself is that big (which i assure you it isnt), there is no blackground, no menus, nothing but th eloader as everything else is in the root document.

Any ideas?

Thanks a ton!!!

  • Leslie Lee