CS4 animation issue

Please note that the below issue doesn’t happen with Flash CS3. I’ve only stumbled upon it after switching to CS4.

I’ve got a MovieClip in my FLA called testClip. Inside testClip is another MovieClip named testAnimation. Inside testAnimation is a five frame animation. There’s a stop() call on the fifth frame.

Under testClip’s properties, I’ve ticked “Export for ActionScript” and “Export in frame 1”. I’ved exported the file as a SWC.

Inside my main class, I’ve added an instance of testClip onto the stage. When I compile the SWF, I see the expected behaviour. testAnimation plays through its five frames. At the fifth frame, it stops.

Next, I tried to place the animation inside another MovieClip. So I’ve got:

testClip > testOuter > testAnimation

Again, I’ve added an instance of testClip onto the stage. This time, when I compile, something different happens. testAnimation plays, but fails to stop at the fifth frame. Instead, it keeps looping. I’ve tried added some traces, but none of them displayed. It looks like nothing on the timeline fires under this situation.

Has anyone experienced a similiar problem? If anybody has some suggestions on how to resolve this issue, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.