Flash Compilation


I download the flash CS4 trial, and started to play with it.

When I do create a new “Flash file (AS3)”, the script will works only until saving the file. For example, a simple graphic symbol, and made motion tween. On the first frame i placed “stop()” action, when reviewing the movie (Ctrl + Enter) the symbol did not move and the symbol move when saving the file.

Which means the script didn’t work with the same application for all other statements, its not just the “stop()” action. The problem doesn’t occur when I work on AS2 flash documents.

Things I tried to solve the problem, and didn’t work:

  1. remove flash played 9.
  2. save AS3 fla document as CS3 document.
  3. install the updates for adobe products that came with flash, including updates for flash itself.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance :slight_smile: