[CS4/AS2] Help with clearInterval


I have a Timeline sequence that goes for about 150 frames, then hits the 151st frame which is a movieClip with an AS to load a SWF file from an external folder. I have 3 such single frame movie clips in this sequence. (which are wedged between the 150 frame animations). On each single frame (that contains the movieclip/loaded SWF), I have the following AS code:

function pauseIt () {
var advScene = setInterval (pauseIt, XX000);

So from a glance, this is what the structure of the timeline looks like:

[150 frames] [singleA] [150 frames] [singleB] [150 frames] [singleC] [Outtro]

So on the singles I have each a setInterval with a clearInterval in a function. Each AS (setInterval) on the single frames are also tailored to the individual swf’s time.

Everything works as it should until the timeline gets to the [singleC] movie which plays halfway then immediately goes to the [Outtro]. Additionally, if I let the compiled swf keep running, I noticed that the times get all messed up cutting off the movies or [single] frames durations.

I have clearIntervals - I thought that they’d be working. What am I doing wrong?

if it helps the files can be downloaded from this link: