[CS5 AS2] Image Not Staying on Keyframe

My flash document that has multiple frames that the user can navigate by clicking buttons. Each frame has unique symbols that will zoom to full screen when the user mouses over the thumbnails. The problem I am having is that the LAST picture that is “rolled over” stays on the page, no matter the frame.

For simpicity’s sake let’s say one frame has pictures of dogs that go fullscreen on rollover. The second frame has pictures of cats that go fullscreen on rollover. So when you go to the cat page, you will still have a symbol of the last dog picture you moused over from the previous frame sitting there on the cat page.

The way the rollover effect is being done is a movie clip symbol. The actionscript is as follows:

this.onEnterFrame = function(){
if(zoom == true){
this.onRollOver = function(){
zoom = false;
this.onRollOut = function(){
zoom = true;

I think it has something to do with the “this.swapDepths(100)” command.

Can anyone help me keep the symbols from “following” the user around multiple frames and, instead, just stay to their propper frame?