Stop on last frame

I’m trying to get a symbol to play on mouseover and stay on the last frame right at the end of the animation.

  1. Made a new doc.
  2. Drew a small circle.
  3. Turned circle into Movie clip and named it ‘[COLOR=“Red”]circle[/COLOR]’.
  4. Double clicked on it to edit inside the symbol.
  5. Made a keyframe on frame 12.
  6. Did a shape tween.
  7. Enlarged the shape on frame 12.
  8. Made new layer on top and put down stop(); at frame 12 AS3.0.
  9. Went back out to main scene.
  10. Made new layer on top.
  11. Selected first frame and put this down in AS3.0:


function zoom(event:MouseEvent):void

  1. Left it to test.

Everything runs fine except that when I scroll over the circle the animation plays out but returns to the first frame. I need it to play till the last frame and stay there.

Help please?