CSS Level 3

Anybody know anything about it? Release dates…anything?

Was surfing and came up with some stuff about layering multiple background images. Should be very interesting.

It’s already released. It’s just no browser has implemented them.

darn browsers

i want to layer multiple background images :frowning:

I know…■■■■ browsers :frowning:

Some of the new stuff will be extremely nice once it can be used…but then considering that unsupporting browsers and non-updated browsers will be floating around everywhere…dont know how smart it would be to use some of it right away. :frowning: that makes me upset.

If Microsoft doesn’t disapear, then use it when Internet Explorer supports it.
Unless your site is made towards a very specific target audience in which you can “force” or “mandate” the use of specific browsers, or in which you expect them to already have the necessary technology to view them correctly.

incase anyones interested


well as most poeple use IE, and most IE release have three year gaps, and the latest one doesnt support, I would say in three years they will suport it but then you have to ad a year for people to upgrade, so I say, in about 4 years it will be safe to use. :frowning:

that will be nice to the max

You have to say m$ will “support” it. I’m sure they’ll “support” it but they’ll put their own little nifty, useless, browser specific twist on it.


http://www.geocities.com/seanmhall2003/css3/compat.html (dated)

Above are some links to some good comparisons showing what parts of the CSS3 spec are supported by what browsers, IE is naturally crap.

It really saddens me that, for example, Moore’s law is in effect with all semiconductor technologies, the advance of CPUs, GPUs and other hardware and software like technology is going through the roof but when it comes to web standards technology, it’s moving totally at a snail’s pace. So much that even CSS2 is not supported by most browsers fully (not even Firefox), let alone CSS3.

Afaik, it’s technically not “released.” Rather, it’s still a draft, so, browsers should not be expected to comply with it, yet. Sure, we’d all love it, but the spec is still going to change, but that shouldn’t happen until it’s no longer a draft.