CSS problems with my new site

My new site design can be seen at


If your using IE then there should be no problems. However if your using Mozilla you should experience the following

  1. If you click View -> Text Zoom and then select an option then my menu will scatter. You see in between the buttons I have the " " and in IE I’m able to avoid trouble when people change the text size by fixing the " " to a size of 18pt but like I say this doesn’t work on Mozilla, any tips?

  2. If your an IE user and you shrink your browser window you should see that I’ve customised your IE’s scrollbar to be orange and grey however on Mozilla this doesn’t work, anyone know how to get it to work?

  3. Anyone know a way to specify what order things download in. I’d rather the text was the last thing to appear rather than the first.

Also if you’d like to leave feedback please see my related thread on the Critique and Comment forum at http://www.kirupaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?p=575816#post575816

Thanks for your help,