CSS Switching banner problem

I’m trying to make my site stylesheet switchable… Were its all controlled by css and stuff. I’m confused on how I can load a different swf file as the banner when i switch the default stylesheet. Any idea?

:(Hope that makes sense

I’m not familiar with swf files but maybe i can help, can you show me how you put them in the page ? Is it with an url atribute ?

One approach is to have all of your SWF banners displayed on the page. Using the CSS visibility declarations (like, display: none) you can control which SWF file is visible at any given time. For example, if you have four banners, three of your banners will be set to not show - entirely using just CSS! :slight_smile:

@kirupa, when you use display: none does it afect loading time on the page ? If I have a bunch of images for instance, and only display one at a time, are all the images loaded into de page and are simply invisible or only the displayed image is loaded ?

Good question! Yes, all images (and SWF files) will be loaded even if only one is displayed. To avoid that, you’ll have to write some JavaScript to dynamically change the image/swf path :frowning: