Ctrl+Enter instead of Enter in TextArea


I’m creating a Flash instant messaging application (through XMPP protocol) and run into a problem. It isn’t that important but I was quite upset that I wasn’t able to solve it and I want to know if their is a solution =D

I have a TextArea chat input and a button to send the text, the TextArea is multiline and so captures the Enter key to jump one line… What I need is to send the message with the Enter key and jump with a Ctrl+Enter combination… My ideas were to disable the bubbling of the Enter key, trap it, and then manually assign the Ctrl+Enter combination to jumping the line in TextArea but couldn’t find how to do all this…

I have to programm this application in AS2 but will be glad if you have an AS3 solution as well (to use later, learn and help others reading this thread :slight_smile:

Philip Seyfi, fs-studio.eu