Component Help

I have made a flash chat system with a php/mysql backend. The only problems I have right now are with a few components.

  1. I have an editable TextArea for submitting a new chat message. When you hit enter to submit a new message, the current message is sent however a new line is started, with a blank one above it. Does anybody know how to disable the enter key in a TextArea, however allow people to use it by say, hitting [shift]+[enter]?

  2. On my login page I have two TextInput components with a TextField beside both, when you try to select a TextInput you can only select the far right side of it and only about 25 pixels of it, it is not a problem with the TextField beside it, it does it even with it beside it, is there a known bug with TextInput or what?


   var usernameText:TextField = new TextField;
   usernameText.text = "Username";
   usernameText.x = 51;
   usernameText.y = 55;
   usernameText.selectable = false;
   usernameField = new TextInput;
   usernameField.tabIndex = 1;
   usernameField.x = 140;
   usernameField.y = 55;
   usernameField.width = 100;
   usernameField.height = 20;